Povero, Dolcetto DOCG

Product Information

Origin: Piedmont, Italy
Grape: Dolcetto
Colour: Ruby red with violent reflection
Aroma: Blueberry, plum, violet and cherry
Palate: The long finish note of freshy cut grass. Fantastic throughout the meal
Serving suggestions: Serve between 16-18 degree Celsius

Additional Information:

The Povero family has roots in Piedmont since 1837. Grandfather Tumlin’s precious heritage has been carried forward by the Povero brothers as expressed in this beautiful Dolcetto called Capitano Del Palio. Dolcetto is an ancient native grape whose name in Italian means “a little bit sweet” Although this wine is not sweet at all, but it is considered to be more rounded than Barbera and the name comes from the shape of the hills where this wine is grown. Light, bright, and red fruit driven. This is a versatile fresh wine and is considered to be excellent with pasta and pizza.

Size: 750 ml


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